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Dear Brian,

I apologize for the delay in sending my thanks to you, your co-workers and SERVPRO for helping us clean up after our roof leak. We were so glad to have the assurance that your team would coordinate a safe clean up. Your ability to come in with your wet vacs and dehumidifiers helped get us back to operations. We were reassured that your diligence prevented mold problems during the process. We were glad you were able to get the subs as well as replace the flooring and repainting necessary.

Thanks again for all your hard work! We hope that we will not have another unforseen thunderstorm in the middle of replacement of a roof but we know where we can get help for those repairs,



On July 15, 2013, Southeast Missouri State University experienced the unthinkable, a fire at Dempster Hall, home to the Donald L. Harrison College of Business. Without hesitation the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team was on site to help assess the damage and guide the Facilities Management staff through the recovery process.

SERVPRO, with guidance from the Facilities Management staff, hired local sub-contractors to assist with the recovery effort. the cooperation and team effort between all parties involved proved to be successful as the recovery effort of roughly 117,000 sq.ft. was completed in a 6 week period, allowing the University to open the facility on time for Fall Semester.

The highly trained and very professional SERVPRO staff went above and beyond their job responsibilities to ensure that all areas of the facility were cleaned and repaired to the satisfaction of Southeast Missouri State. The job performance and attention to detail by the SERVPRO staff exceed the expectations of their slogan "Like it never even happened."

On behalf of Southeast Missouri State University, the faculty, staff and students, we would like to thank SERVPRO for the excellent job done to ensure that Dempster Hall was restored to its original state, allowing the University to open the doors in the short time frame required.

Dear Ms. Hastings,

It is without reservation and without request that I am writing this letter concerning the performance of your team with the recent water damage/flood situation that occurred at our facility on Nash Rd. Within 2 hours of my initial call to your office on Saturday morning, January 7, 2017, your General Manager, Brian McCallister, was on-site and was mobilizing a wide array of assets to the site starting immediate restoration services. We discussed the need to be operational on Monday morning and what steps needed to be taken to accomplish that goal.

Brian and his team worked well into the night Saturday night and were back in early Sunday morning continuing the necessary work to meet our established time frame. By Monday morning, the mud and water was cleaned up, the wet carpet removed and the bottom 12 inches of drywall and insulation throughout the whole office area had been removed and we were able to operate on Monday with very minimal disruptions. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, SERVPRO continued to clean, dry and disinfect every inch of the area and return us to normal operations in record time.

Now it's like this catastrophic event never even happened and it is very much in due to the actions of you and your team of professionals who came willing, ready and able to do whatever it took to save our business. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you, Brian and your whole team for such an outstanding effort.

Very truly yours, 

Darryl ******

Keep staff like Mrs. Jessica Moore--you'll be a very successful company. This little angel came in and made a miracle out of a disastrous carpet nightmare. So sweet and hardworking.

I'd like to think and say God always puts the right people in your path to meet our needs.

SERVPRO, good work, as always.